Criminal Defense Attorney Garren Pedemonte

If you have been charged with a crime or if you are under investigation by law enforcement it is critical that you act immediately in order to protect yourself. You need to make every effort in order to consult with and retain an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney immediately.

I have been practicing exclusively as a criminal defense attorney in Southern Oregon since 2009. I encourage you to evaluate my experience, my background, and my reputation by exploring my website and reading my client and peer testimonials. You will see that my loyalty will always be to you and that my goal will be to do everything we can to obtain the best result possible in your case.


I have handled almost every kind of criminal defense case during my career, from simple misdemeanors to murder. I have tried dozens of cases to a jury and have appeared in Court in Klamath, Josephine, and Jackson Counties thousands of times. Below are some areas that I specialize in.

• Marijuana Crimes
• DUII’s
• Expungements
• Domestic Violence Crimes
• Measure 11 Crimes
• Pre-Charge Investigation
• Forfeiture and Asset Seizure
• Sex Crimes
• Victim’s Rights
I highly encourage you to contact me to schedule a free consultation. I will advise you regarding all of your options and help you strategize how best to protect yourself and move forward with your case. If you already have police reports in your case then I will gladly review those with you and I will answer any questions that you have regarding your options. There are no hidden fees when working with my law firm.